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If you want to connect an external device to the audio system in your vehicle as like your smartphone, one way to do so is with a top-rated aux cord. It is used for a number of electronic devices to play music and other audio files. 

Buying the right kind of auxiliary cord can really help you eliminate that over time, to ensure your music is never interrupted by noises.

As there are so-called auxiliary cables in the market often do not deliver on what is expected of them. The problem may b in is the sound quality, in others, in it’s durability, and still, in others, it could be both. The fact is these aux cables are going to make your quality time with music a little sour. So you need to buy an auxiliary cable that cancels out all the noise you do not want to hear and exposes your ears to the sounds that really matter.

Benefits of Aux Cables

Listen on the go:

 If you have a playlist or songs on your mobile devices that you want to enjoy to through your vehicle’s sound system, the aux cable for speakers will enable you to do so.

Ease of use: 

It’s quite simple to play music or other audio files from your smartphone, iPad, or other electronic devices by simply connecting the aux cord into the aux socket of your vehicle that located in the dashboard, armrest, or glove box.


The aux cable basically as small as one or three feet in length. It is so easy to carry and transfer from one car to another. You can also use these cables in your home, with items such as a personal computer.

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10 best aux cables in 2020 with buying guidelines

1. Ivanky Aux Cable

Ivanky Aux Cable

If you’re looking for a basic AUX cable that’s in low cost, durable, and will transmit your audible clearly and reliably, then this option from Ivanky is your best choice. It comes as a single eight-foot cable or as a pack of two four-foot cables, these cords are so fantastic and will work just as you expect them to. They can withstand up to 15,000 bends.

An especially important feature if you want to use it in your car or on your headphones where it’ll get some heavy use and are compatible with all devices with a 3.5mm jack. The connectors are plated in 24K gold and comes with a pure copper casing, both of which improve the audio connection and reduce signal loss.

3.5mm Aux Port Support

iVanky 3.5mm male to male audio cable supports all devices with standard 3.5mm aux port. Slim and step-down designed connector works perfectly with phone case on.

Compatible Devices:

​- Phones: iPhone (iPhone X/8/7 with your Apple lightning adapter), Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.

– Headphones: Sony (MDR-1A, MDR-XB950BT, Beats (Solo 2/Solo 3), Bose and more

– Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Tablets, Laptops, iPad, iPod, Mp3, Hi-Fi stereo sound systems, wireless audio receivers, radios, etc.

2. USB C: Vention 13 Aux Cable

USB C Vention 13

It’s not just iPhones that have dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack, many Android phones are also losing the port. Fortunately, this Vention USB-C AUX cable can make up for that. It’s a coiled cable that can stretch up to five feet, has one 3.5mm jack and one USB-C jack and also can support Google Pixel, Motorola Moto Z, and Samsung Galaxy devices. Not all USB-C connections are the same, so you have to confirm that your device is compatible with it, if not, it is required using your phone’s recommended USB-C to AUX adapter paired with a normal AUX cable.

Connectors: 3.5mm 1/8″ Male x1; 6.35mm 1/4″ Male x1
the Cable Length:10FT(not include the connector)
Wire Diameter:4mm

Superb Durability:
Soft PVC braided cord is ametabolic and robust promises you a perfect experience in using your devices
The connector heads slot in easily and steadily to help reduce interference,greatly minimizes signal loss
24K 15U Gold plated connectors resist corrosion and ensure optimum sound quality

3. iDars 18 Aux Cable

iDars 18 Aux Cable

If you have one of the new iPhones and can’t use a headphone jack to listen to your music on external speakers, iDARS has an MFi-certified option that can work with the lightning connector of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The end part of lightning connector is designed to be thin, so it can easily connect to your Apple device even if you have a case on your phone or tablet. This is also suitable for the car because it’s coiled and short enough to stay out of your way.

4. KabelDirekt 12 Aux Cable

KabelDirekt 12 Aux Cable

If you want to plug in your smartphone or computer from just about anywhere in the room, KabelDirekt has an extra long AUX cable that will do your work. The 20- and 25-foot cables are both affordable for their length and they have 24k gold-plated male connectors on each end. The jacks also comes with metal casings to improve durability and ends of casing also have rubber reinforcement so the cable ends don’t bend too far from a little pressure.

KabelDirekt – Aux Cord, Stereo & Audio Cable 3.5mm (Unbreakable & great for iPhones, iPads, Headphones, Smartphones, Notebooks, MP3 Players, Cars & other devices with 3.5mm Aux Port) – 25 feet – black

5. CableMatters 8 Aux Cable

CableMatters 8 Aux Cable

As handy as AUX cables are, they’re really just long cables want to get tangled up. That basically happens if you’re using them in the car or want to pack one in your bag to bring with you. That’s where a nice retractable cable can come in handy. CableMatters has an affordable two-pack that offers up 2.5-foot cables built into a ratcheting housing, so you can get the length as per your requirement. When it will not be used, the cables can quickly roll back up into the housing, shrinking down to just two inches.

Portable Audible Delight

The Cable Matters Retractable 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable is an audiophile companion for listening to music at the desktop, in the car, or on-the-go. It offers tangle-free connectivity from popular smartphones and tablets to car and home stereos with a 3.5mm aux port.

Clever Design in a Cost-Effective 2-Pack

Keep your desktop or car console organized and tidy with a retractable cable that extends only to the needed length with an adjustable ratchet function. A beveled, step-down design provides a secure connection without straining the port on your portable devices. The convenient 2-Pack provides a spare audio cable to keep in the car.

6. CableCreation 5 Aux Cable

CableCreation 5 Aux Cable

This cord from Cable Creation is a foot long but can stretch approximately six feets. It’s the best option if you want a cable with an adjustable length that’s a little more heavy-duty than most retractable cords. 

This is a stretchable coiled cable that can stretch from one to up to six feet in length. It comes with a plain black TPU coating and the jacks themselves are gold plated. The casing around the jacks is also thin enough that this cable will likely still be able to plug into your phone or tablet without removing the case.

CableCreation Focus to the Ideal Design of All of Our Quality Cables
CableCreation is not Only a Brand But Also a Creative Team With Own Factory manufacturing
CableCreation is Confident to Offer All Buyers with Items Life Time Technology Support

Side 1: 3.5mm Stereo Male Gold Plated
Side 2: 3.5mm Stereo Male Gold Plated
Cable: TPU Material Coiled Spring Cable Triple Shielded
Cable Length: 1~4FT

7. UGreen 7 3.5mm Audio Cable

UGREEN 3.5mm Audio Cable, Stereo Aux Jack to Jack Cable

If you want to route your AUX cables around some hard angles, like over the edge of a desk or through an entertainment center, you may benefit from a flat cable as the low profile is easier to squeeze through tight spaces and also tends to be sturdier than typical cylindrical cables. 

The cable from UGREEN comes in four sizes: 1.5 feet, three feet, six feet, and ten feet so you can choose the right length for your needs. The cable itself is made of TPE to get maximum flexibility and the flat design helps preventing tangles. There is also one of the 3.5mm connectors is angled at 90 degrees, which makes it easier to connect with certain devices.


1. Connectors: straight Stereo jack 3.5mm male (Metal Case), 90 degree elbow Stereo jack 3.5mm male(ABS);

2. 24K Gold plated housing and contacts for optimum sound quality;

3. Compatible with Any Cell phone, Mp3 Player, PDA with standard 3.5mm jack;

4. Pure copper provide maximum conductivity and durability;

5. Ultra slim flat cable design is ideal for travel and storage;

6. Right angle design, making the connection easier.

8. EMK Audio Stereo Male to Male Cable

EMK Audio Stereo Male to Male Cable

If you need an AUX cable because you’ve had yet another cord break on you, it may be worth looking into something with a bit sturdier design. EMK comes with just the thing with this AUX cable. The copper wire cord is wrapped in braided nylon, which gives the cable itself decent durability and makes it unlikely to get seriously tangled up.

The casings at each end are made of an aluminum alloy, that provides better strength than cheap plastic, and one of the 3.5mm jacks has a heavy-duty right-angle joint. The jacks are plated with 24K gold and cords of it are available in two, four, and eight-foot lengths.

Why Choose EMK 3.5mm 90 Degree Right Angle Aux Audio Cable?

  • 90 Degree Right angle design, making the connection easier
  • 24K Gold plated housing and contacts for optimum sound quality
  • Compatible with Any Cell phone, Mp3 Player, PDA with standard 3.5mm jack
  • Oxygen-free copper provide maximum conductivity and durability
  • Ultra slim flat cable design is ideal for travel and storage


  • Side 1: Angle 3.5mm Stereo Male
  • Side 2: Angle 3.5mm Stereo 90 Degree Right Angle Male
  • Cable: Nylon braided double shielding
  • 24k Gold-plated that resist corrosion

9. SMALLElectric 3.5mm 4-Pack Nylon Braided Auxiliary Audio Cable

SMALLElectric 3.5mm 4-Pack Nylon Braided Auxiliary Audio Cable

3.2 cu.ft. Interior capacity with 2 quick freeze shelves

It is environmentally friendly with R600a refrigerant and has reversible door hinge

Manual defrost

Item Weight59.3 poundsProduct Dimensions22.48 x 20.71 x 32.72 inches

Voltage 120 volt.

10. JSAUX 6 Dual Shielded Gold-Plated Aux Cable 


If you want to use your AUX cable with an older amplifier, soundbox, or another device that uses RCA connectors, JSAUX has the besr option that has a 3.5mm jack on one end and split stereo RCA jacks on the other end.

This is a nylon-braided cable that gives extra durability, and each of the three casings on the AUX cable is made from metal with pure copper wire cores. Like other cables, the connectors are plated with gold, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion ruining your signal.

Compatible Devices

3.5mm male port works perfectly for all devices with standard 3.5mm aux jack.

-Phones: iPhone (iPhone X/8/7 with Apple lightning adapter), Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.

-Tablets, Laptops, iPad, iPod, Mp3, etc.

RCA ports are compatible with various kinds of stereo players(devices with red and white RCA female).

-TV, DVD, Amplifier, Sound box, Car,etc.

24K Gold-Plated Connector
The 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable transmits audio in stereo format.

24K gold-plated contacts giving you the flexibility you need for your listening pleasure.

Premium Sound Quality Hi-Fi Stereo Performance

Metal shell of this stereo RCA cable provides reliable performance and reducing signal loss.

Enameled Oxygen-free copper wires seamlessly transmits stereo audio for high quality sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is audio cable same as aux?

It’s either considered an audio cable or an auxiliary audio cable are that cable which attaches to the CD/DVD drive and connects to the motherboard

  1. What is average size of an aux?

The 3.5mm jack is an average size and the most common type, and you simply need to plug one end into your vehicle’s aux socket and the other end into your phone or electronic device

  1.  Is Aux better than Bluetooth?

On high end sound systems, those differences become clear be it through Aux or Bluetooth. It is proved thar an Aux connection gives higher quality audio than Bluetooth. So Aux cable in better.


Keep that in mind your auxiliary cable will only work as good as your current head unit. In addition to your main music processing source and stereo system, your automobiles speakers can make or spoil your entire experience.

And also if you’d like to keep your stock head unit but want to experience satellite radio, you can get a low cost satellite radio module that goes directly to your existing aux input.