Best Wood Plant Stand For Indoor And Outdoor

The amazing number of options where you shop and product range are part of the fun of becoming an online shopper. This year the number of shops and independent retailers on sale is simply fantastic, and they have plenty of beautiful items to choose from. This is particularly true as there are thousands of choices for shopping for items related to home decor and gardening supplies.

Plant stands are one of the most common products for gardeners and interior design fans alike in 2020. If you want to create a sleek, minimalistic look with your houseplants or garden accessories, plant stands, shelves, and props are absolute necessities. There’s plenty to choose from, so you can be sure that there is something to fit the style of each individual person, including yours!

We will go over this discussion in more detail in this product guide. We’ve picked out 6 of the best plant stands for you to consider this year to give you a hand with your online shopping this year. With the best feedback, we chose the items, collected their features and advantages, and provided the most helpful shopping tips.

Best  Wood Plant Stand For Indoor And Outdoor

1. SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand

SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand

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  • It is a 9 tiers linked shelf
  • Made of 100% natural bamboo
  • Natural and smooth finish
  • 8 legs in total and 6 holes in each leg
  • can be acquired different storage space according to the different assembly method

This excellent bamboo stand is completely utilitarian and completely adaptable with an amazing 9-levels of capacity. You can gather the rack into 1 9-level rack, or into 2 3-level racks relying upon your necessities. Possibly you are a complete greenery goddess and have enough plants to top off the 9-levels or perhaps you need to utilize one of the racks to exhibit your lovely plants, and another to arrange your toiletries in the washroom.

It doesn’t make a difference, this rack is here to make your capacity blessings from heaven. In addition to the fact that this stands work; it’s likewise tastefully satisfying with a light earthy colored tone and versatile casing that will emphasize most rooms impeccably. It has a warm, moderate vibe to it that will in no way, shape or form conflict with any style.

Notwithstanding, with its economical expense, and solid, 100% regular bamboo outline, whenever it’s set up it will thoroughly be justified, despite all the trouble. This plant rack was nicely and deliberately made with a smooth, common completion, adjusted corners, and subset screws. It turns out extraordinary for a wide range of plants in light of the fact that the casing is so durable

  • Durable and sturdy materials 
  • Easy to move 
  • Great for all types of plants 
  • No cons found

2. Mkono Wood Plant Stand

Mkono Wood Plant Stand

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  • Modern design with a simple style 
  • Inspired by classic mid century style 
  • Made from natural handcrafted beech wood. 
  • Made by using dowel construction methods that guarantee its strength
  • Heavy duty, sturdy and durable 
  • Easy to assemble  

This wooden pot holder elevates the indoor spaces that it possesses adding a rich mid-century propelled emphasis. The stand is produced using all-regular beech wood which is known for being one of the more durable and strong woods. That strength is additionally improved by the dowel development strategy fused into this plant stand’s design. 

The design is enlivened by the mid-century and comes in 4 sizes and 3 tones. It emphasizes your plants, and the room it’s in with its inconspicuous style. It’s genuinely reasonable anyway it is little and just holds one plant. The pot you decide to combine with it will enormously affect its tastefulness. It’s suggested that you utilize a white, earthenware, or metal pot with this stand.

  • Made of high quality beach wood 
  • Easy to move and assemble 
  • Eant and classic design 
  • Stylish design
  • Expensive legant

3. Ufine Wood Plant Stand

Ufine Wood Plant Stand

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  • Designed with moisture-proof plastic base
  • Fir Wood Material
  • Structure: 3 Tier Vertical Shelf
  • Product Dimension: L 31.9 x H 29.5 x D 10.2 inch (81 x 75 x 26 cm)
  • Product Weight: 5.8 lbs(2.65kgs)
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Anti-tilt buckles to ensures the stability  

This tough plant stand produced using 5-year old carbonized fir wood can be utilized inside or outside your home that is reaped in a naturally sustainable manner, this plant stand is eco-accommodating and stylish amicable, praising rooms with its dull wooden highlight. The wood is carbonized at a temperature of 300 C to give it an incredible tone, and strength.

It can undoubtedly hold the heaviness of each of the 3 degrees of your plants. You can utilize it inside or outside, in your family room, kitchen, room, nursery, or patio, on the grounds that because of the carbonization cycle it’s water, wear, and climate safe. Nonetheless, be careful about wind since, in such a case that you are adjusting a great deal of plants on it there is the likelihood that it will bring down. 

They promote it as permitting you to appreciate the “fun of the DIY cycle” which is code for it not coming collected. It’s somewhat trickier to assemble than a portion of different racks on the rundown, yet screws and directions are incorporated. It’s on the pricier side for plant stands, in any case, its quality makes it a deal. This plant stand turns out incredible for individuals with up to 6 plants of shifting sizes, who need to store them either inside or outside.

  • Has moisture proof plastic base 
  • Stylish and unique carbonized color 
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor 
  • This is not wind resistant 

4. OurWarm Wood Plant Stand

OurWarm Wood Plant Stand

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  • 300℃ high-temperature carbonization on the surface
  • High-quality carbon steel screws
  • Comes with  6 layer high and low shelves 
  • Made with natural pine wood
  • Waterproof and durable.
  • Dimension: 37 x 37 x 9.8″ (LxWxH)

This is an upgraded flower rack, thickened foot and steeled screws can stack persevering to 110 lbs. You can put the weighty pots to the lower of the plant stand and lighter pots to higher of it. Round corner and back crossbar design, you don’t need to stress over precariousness on your vases any longer. Multi indoor outdoor plant stand size: 37 x 37 x 10 inch.

The window box rack is wide and extensive enough to hold most pots and plants. Multi-layer high and low flower rack, no shelter from one another, simple to deal with and water, assists plants with getting enough daylight for development. Installing the multi-level plant stand is simple, bundled with apparatuses and manual, you simply adhere to the guidance to introduce, for simple establishment in a portion of 60 minutes. Simply appreciate the fun of DIY to amass your own innovative plant racks.

The improper establishment will influence the rack strength. The vase stand is made of natural pine wood, solid bearing limit, steady and strong. Rosin can mitigate pressure and improve rest quality. The Undergoing 300 ℃ high-temperature carbonization to accomplish the function of compression resistance, anti-corrosion and sturdy, waterproof, and eco-friendly. 

  • Durable and sturdy material 
  • Made of solid pine wood 
  • Has multi layer high and low flower shelf 
  • Size could be bigger 

5. COOGOU Pine Wood Plant Stand

COOGOU Pine Wood Plant Stand

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  • Made of renewable PINE WOOD
  • Rectangle structure design
  • Fits for Small or Medium Flowerpots
  • 30×9 mm Thick frame
  • High quality carbon steel screw
  • Dimension- W 33.9 x H 28 x D 9.8 inch (86 x 71 x 25 cm)

Coogou multiple plant stands are intended for little and medium size vase sort out and vertical display. It will assist you with disposing of tumult at that point bring you satisfaction and comfortable.Higher and lower plant rack with square shape structure design,makes the blossom rack greater soundness and advances plants development with sufficient daylight absorption.

The reasonable height allows the plant stand set under the window no shelter from the daylight. Narrow profundity makes the flower rack space saving, available to put in any side of home and nursery. It has 3.9′ long contact territory with 8 fixed legs, huge vase position at base in 16″ x 14″ Square structure,ensures the plant stand racks focal point of gravity descending and soundness; 30×9 mm thick edge makes the plant stepping stool load withstanding to 80lbs.

Upgrade nook make at the edge offer solid help to top rack without tilting;Multi layer high and low nursery plant rack with opening design,no cover from each other,easy to deal with and water,better for plant development.

  • Has a stable structure 
  • Can load  up to 10lbs per layer
  • Has durable carbon steel screw 
  • No cons found

6. Ufine Free Standing 3 Tier Ladder Shelf Wood Plant Stand 

Ufine Free Standing 3 Tier Ladder Shelf Wood Plant Stand

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  • Comes with independent 3 shelves design
  • Convenient and light enough
  • Premium pine wood 
  • Processed by high temperature carbonization
  •  3 tier with staggered height,

Are you searching for a solid plant to hold a lot of plants flawlessly? This free plan 3 level advance plant will give you more imaginative plant show and the board arrangement. It accompanies premium pine wood, handled by high temperature carbonization which brings uniform dim tone and holds its common surface. Smooth and sound for home use.

It is leveled with the ground and a more steady toe-out plan. 3 level with staggered stature, ideal for showing your plants and offering a more agreeable climate for common development. Considering subtleties on every association part, top notch equipment guarantees greater solidness and durability to hold a lot of plants without stress over wobbling or imploding.

The elements of the stand is 27.6″ L * 9.8″ W *20.5″/12.6″/4.7″ H, every level of the plant stand is unattached, so you can mastermind and join little, medium and huge rack freely to meet distinctive presentation needs. 

  • Versatile storage rack
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Lightweight and easy to move 
  • Instructions manual is not clear 

7. COOGOU 6 Tiered Corner Plant Stand   

COOGOU 6 Tiered Corner Plant Stand

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  • Comes with Triangle support enhance the laminate load 
  • Can bear up to 10~15 lbs per tier
  • Double screw with large ground contact area
  • Dimension- W 44.5 x H 33.5 x D 9.8 inch

Coogou flower stand is made of inexhaustible PINE WOOD, with the attributes of hard and solid stability. Rosin can diminish pressure and improve rest quality. Going through 300 ºC high-temperature carbonization, the plant rack water content diminished by half, hostile to distortion Increased half to accomplish the capacity of pressure opposition, strong for quite a long time.

It has a clear surface appropriate for any beautiful furnishings, indoor and outside use. This wooden flower stands in general size: W 44.5 x H 33.5 x D 9.8 inch and can bear up to 9.1 lbs; 6 layers could uphold many little delicious pots or at least 6 pots of medium and large vases stature at 18-30 inch. The 30mm thick cover can withstand 10 lbs of each layer; 33-inch tallness utilizes space, plants coordinated adequately.

9.8-inch profundity, space-saving, simple to move. Amass is required however refreshed for simple establishment inside 30 minutes, guidelines, gloves, instruments notwithstanding.

  • Suitable for plant growth 
  • Double screw with large ground contract 
  • Can make the maximum balance 
  • Needs to be assembled 

8. Ufine 4 Tier Small Plant Stand

Ufine 4 Tier Small Plant Stand

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  • Dimensions: L 26 x W 9.8 x H 26.3 inch
  • Perfect for limited space 
  • Made of high quality pine wood 
  • Bearing capacity 55 lbs 
  • Elegant design with deep wood color 

Ufine multi-level wood plant stands are a decent answer for various little plants and makes your space look coordinated. The rich plan and carbonized profound wood tone effectively mixes into your home stylistic layout. This 4 level little plant stand will fit completely in a restricted space like loft, gallery, corner; coordinate your plants and gather the measure of room that some of plants were taking up.

With clear and normal surface, astounding penetrability, and are agreeable and tough. The 300℃ high temperature carbonization likewise expanded it’s toughness, making it impervious to dampness and not handily distorted. With the excellent equipment included, establishment is a breeze in any event, for a 15-year-old youngster or a 80-year-elderly person.

Lightweight yet tough, solid for indoor-open air use. You need to fix the screws consistently and focus on the every day support of the blossom stand. Fortified back help bar adequately improves the strength of plant retirement and keeps it from inclining. Thicken materials and sensible structures give your plants a lot of space to develop and get perfect measure of daylight before the window.

  • Made of imported New Zealand pine wood 
  • Multi tier wood plant stand 
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Suitable for limited space only 

9. Cosyland Plant Stand

Cosyland Plant Stand

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  • Made of solid beech wood 
  • Heat-resistant and moisture-proof
  • Bears weigh up to 160lbs 
  • Bohemian design, inspired from midcentury 
  • Easy to assemble 

The blossom stand is made of strong beech wood which will be more solid and tough. The beech wood has more warmth safe and dampness verification properties than the regular fir wood available. Embracing a high temperature carbonization innovation to decrease half water ingestion of the wood. The most extreme weight bearing is 160lb.

The item is made by taking motivation from midcentury, provincial, boho, bohemian, stylish and moderate home stylistic theme. Your floor plant raised on a plant stand will look more energetic. : It isn’t just a pot stand yet in addition a thing of current stylistic layout for the lounge, room, lounge area, passage, office, kitchen, overhang, deck or porch in lofts, condominiums or homes.

It has the 4 tacky cushions that shield your floor from any scratches or scrapes. You can keep an eye on your cherished blossoms or plants with the 2 preparing apparatuses.

  • Made of high quality beach wood 
  • Simple to assemble 
  • No cons found 

10. HYNAWIN Plant Stand

HYNAWIN Plant Stand

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  • Comes with pine wood texture with uniform color
  • Has 6 layers of exhibition space
  • Featured with hard and strong stability
  • Space saving design 
  • Manual guide with clear instructions 

Plant stand could be sees as a multi-utilitarian storage display rack for sundries, enhancement, knickknacks, toys, shoes, books, plants, zest and little apparatuses arrange in front room, bedroom, home corner, garden, gallery, yard, porch, deck, shops and so forth With this bloom plant rack, you will discover how simple and charming the grouping the board is.

It supports and expands space use however much as could reasonably be expected, to deal with your exquisite characteristic nursery proficiently and rapidly. The plant coordinator rack can hold different sized pruned plants at any rate 6 pots. The vertical design makes an ale zone for capacity or show, assisting plants with getting enough daylight for development. 10.2 inch depth,space saving, accessible for place in the corner. The plant rack is made of wood, with the qualities of hard and solid security.

Pine wood surface with uniform tone is excellent and agreeable. Put the substantial pots to the lower of the plant stand and lighter pots to the higher of it. In this way, you don’t need to stress over precariousness on your vases any longer. 

  • Uniform color 
  • Durable and strong stability 
  • Saves space and enhances the room decor 
  • Size could be bigger 

Buying Guide For Wood Plant Stand


Consider the scale of the indoor plant stand, first and foremost. Think about how many plants you want to show and where you want to position them when determining what size you’ll need. Obviously, you want the booth to have enough space to accommodate all the plants you want to show, but you also want it to be able to fit into the area where you plan to position it. If you need a good deal of display space but only have a limited area to work with, consider investing in a tall stand that provides vertical rather than horizontal storage for multiple levels.


You should remember the configuration of the stand of the indoor plant as well. There are so many different designs available to choose from, as you can see from our list: from simple, understated designs to more intricate, ornate designs. Think of the layout of the space where you are going to use it for instance, if the room is minimalist, anything that has an ornate, flashy look may not be related to the room. Bear in mind when contemplating the theme that it all comes down to your personal taste.


A wide variety of materials are used to manufacture indoor plant stands. Some of the choices that are most common include:

  • Wood – Wood is one of the most widely used materials for indoor plant stand building, including bamboo, fir, oak, and even manufactured wood, such as plywood. Some wood types undergo certain treatments, giving them some degree of resistance to weather, while others give very little resistance to weather, so choose wisely.
  • Metal – Metal is another type of material made from which indoor plant stands are made. The type of metal can differ from iron to aluminium, but regardless of the type, the best indoor metal plant stands are treated with a powder coating to increase their longevity and make them resistant to moisture and wear.
  • Plastic – Plastic is also made from some indoor plant stands. Although plastic indoor plant stands tend to be less durable than wood and metal, they are also generally less expensive; plus, they are typically weather-resistant.

Consider where you are going to put the indoor plant stand when trying to decide what kind of material will fit better for your specific needs; for instance, if you intend to put it in an environment where it will be exposed to the elements, such as on a balcony, you will want to go for a powder-coated metal plant stand, while if you are going to use it in a room that is absolutely ind


You should also decide whether you want to buy an indoor plant stand that is pre-installed or needs to be assembled or not. Bear in mind that while pre-assembled plant stands are obviously much simpler, because you don’t have to work to put them together already-built stands tend to be more expensive. If you are going to go for an indoor plant stand that needs to be assembled, remember what’s involved in building it; it should be easy to follow the instruction manual and it should not take a lot of time to instal.

Buying an indoor plant stand that is difficult to build is the thing you want to do because you might not only end up being irritated, but it could not be as durable as it needs to be, and there is a risk that it might fall over or fall apart.

Tiers Number

It is entirely a user choice to get the amount of levels or shelves. If you have a lot of pots, however then you should go for the one that has the capacity to hold more pots at a time. You need to consider the general weight potential for this and then make your order.

Usage for Multipurpose

The wood plant stand should be able to accommodate other items such as books, tables, in addition to displaying the plants, so that when you do not have the plants to display, you can turn it into another purpose.


Finally, you should accept the price of the stand for indoor plants. They come at a wide variety of rates, as you can see from our chart. Generally speaking, it would end up costing you more with larger versions made of more high-end materials and that are already assembled. Before you begin shopping, it is a good idea to set your budget so that you do not end up spending more than you can comfortably afford.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I decide what size I need?

Remember the number of plants you want to display when deciding the size of the indoor plant stand you need, as well as the position where you will place the stand. Using a measuring tape will be helpful to get the dimensions of the position where you intend to place it and then use those dimensions to buy a stand that will match the space.

How do I decide what size I need?

Remember the number of plants you want to display when deciding the size of the indoor plant stand you need, as well as the position where you will place the stand. Using a measuring tape will be helpful to get the dimensions of the position where you intend to place it and then use those dimensions to buy a stand that will match the space.

Could stands of indoor plants be used for something else?

Yes! As you probably noted in our review section, it can definitely be used to show other things besides plants, depending on the type of indoor plant stand that you buy. You can also use them to store books, candles, photos, trinkets, and almost anything else that you want. They can also act as a table, which means you can store toiletries, shoes, blankets, pillows, or sundries using them.

For outdoor planters, what is the best material?

Pros: Foam containers made from polystyrene are more durable than conventional plastic pots. They are fantastic for the season and can be left outside all year round. They’re also a lot lighter than wood, stone, or terra-cotta.

Do plants grow better outside or inside?

In your house, since there is less sunshine, plants can not grow as quickly as they do outside. Thus, plants can grow faster inside a greenhouse than plants outside because humans care for them in ways that we know make them grow quickly.

Can indoor plants be kept outside?

In outdoor conditions, most indoor plants flourish, but it’s best to keep tender tropical plants indoors, such as moth orchids and African violets.   But while they’re already accustomed to shade and warm temperatures, if pushed outside all in one go, your plants would suffer, so acclimatise them first.

Should you put indoor plants out in the rain?

Yes! From time to time, you should bring your domestic plants in the rain. In rainwater, the higher oxygen content can also help your houseplants to become waterlogged. However, as these are not ideal for your houseplants, be wary of the windy conditions and lower temperatures that can come with rain!


Gardening can be amazingly satisfying. To have a home full of plants, many people find it very soothing. Why not look into this if you want a new hobby or a way to stay occupied? You can buy seeds and compost easily online, and getting started is very easy. As a novice gardener, we suggest starting with tomatoes or runner beans.

From the above list of best wood plant stands indoor & outdoor, you can see that various types are available. Therefore, before you can choose one to buy, take your time out to inspect all the items. Some stands are ideal for indoors, while others are suitable to endure the harsh conditions of the outdoors. In addition, for different levels, stands are available to hold multiple plants in a beautiful way. Until choosing one to purchase, consider going through the purchasing guide.