10 Best Receipt Printer 2020 with Buying Guidelines

It is beneficial if you have a receipt printer in your Restaurant, Retail, Grocery, or Hotel or any business you run. Receipt Printers offer you the ability to market directly to your customer and keep them coming back with promotions. Receipt printers are essential in most any business today because they solve the problem of needing to conveniently print a receipt right then and there.

If you use a point of sale system in your business, you need a receipt printer – and it should definitely be a good one so that you don’t have to replace it in a few months. In this article we will discuss about a list of best receipt printers for you with proper buying guidelines to provide you a full knowledge about it.

Types of Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are mainly three types- inkjet, thermal, and impact. There are some differences among each type of receipt printer depending on your needs and preferences for your business.

Thermal Printers

Thermal printers are the most common type of modern receipt printer and are often considered to be the most effective. They have very high print quality and also print extremely quickly and quietly.

Inkjet Printers

These are cheaper than thermal printers, but maintenance cost for ink cartridges can add up in the long run. This type of printer works well for printing coupons or color logos onto your receipts.

Impact Receipt Printers

The main advantage of impact receipt printers is that they are simple to use. In general, thermal receipt printers are considered to be the best choice for your modern business.

Importance of Choosing High Quality Best Receipt Printer

When you are starting your business or running through the day-to-day operations of it, you might not feel that a receipt printer as an important part of business operations. However, this device is a way of finalizing your meeting with a customer as well as ensuring that they have proof of purchase in the event of a refund or exchange. Without one, it makes such situations difficult and sometimes impossible.

On the other hand, when your business requires a ticket or coupon, it’s important that these print out in a high-quality, legible format so that customers can use them without any problem.

Another thing you want is a coupon not scanning due to an error out of the customer’s hands. A great example of this is at an airport when a member of staff prints off your boarding pass. If the print quality isn’t good enough, this can make difficult for getting through the airport for the traveler.

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Below are Best Receipt Printers

1. Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN Ethernet (LAN) Thermal Receipt Printer with 

star micronics tsp

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The Star Micronics TSP143LAN is a part of the TSP100III series and is the new standard for Ethernet POS printer solutions. It can easily connect the TSP143IIILAN to your network, for advantages in Distance, Connectivity, Communication, Reliability, and Mobility.

This has also added an additional USB type A connector for one convenient power source for your tablet or mobile device. It comes with a print speed of 43 Receipts per Minute, with a small footprint that saves precious counter space. The special “Drop-In and Print” clamshell design allows for fast and easy paper loading, and its patented “De-Curl” function always delivers a flat receipt – even at the end of the roll.

The TSP143IIILAN printer includes an “Error Reporting Feature” which indicates if there has been a lost network connection. The “ready” button not only tells you that the printer is on, but also if it has paper and is operating correctly. With its powerful future PRNT Windows software, you can enhance your receipts to add graphics (logos and coupons), print multiple copies, use the text processing function to replace printed information, trigger a coupon, and much, much more

Key Features

  • High-speed printing of 43 receipts per minute (250mm/s)
  • Easy to setup Ethernet (LAN) connection with included cable
  • Includes an Error Reporting Feature and Real Time Status alerts
  • Includes PromoPRNT promotion printing service

  • Plug and play functionality facilitates to no hunting for drivers
  • Super fast printing so your customers will not have to wait
  • You can even print documents with this thing, without installing additional software

  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Expensive


2. Smart&Cool SC-5890T USB POS Printer

xfox thermal printer

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The smart and cool SC 5890T USB POS printer comes with to support the cashbox,
reasonable structure, convenient in operation and maintenance
Communication interface. It has USB
Built-in data buffer, characters can be amplified, bold, underline print, can adjust the print characters around the line spacing and spacing. It supports different density bitmap print and download graphics. This printer has low consumption, low operation cost and compatible with ESC/POS printing instruction set, each optional print characters and font (adjust DIP switch)
Support network printing condition monitoring, computer print more connection, senior OPOS driver Support for a variety of international language character


Key Features

  • High-quality, low-noise and high-speed receipt printer(58mm thermal paper roll)
  • Cash drawer control:DC 12V/1A
  • Print speed:90mm/S
  • Print head life:100 Kilometer
  • Thermal printer is under $35, making it a great reasonable option for some businesses
  • Compatible with older versions of Windows
  • Comes along with thermal paper rolls so that you can start printing as soon as it’s out of the box

  • Can’t work with Windows 10 or other mobile devices
  • Cord is only 3 feet long which means you can’t really keep it anywhere but next to an outlet


3. AGPtek Portable Mini Receipt Printer

agpkt printer

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If you are searching for an extremely portable model that fits in your pocket and connects to iOS, Android, and Windows devices this is the way to go. To connect with mobile devices, you just need an app if you want to print receipts, and for Windows computers you’ll need to download a driver and connect it via USB.

The main benefit of this printer is that it’s small and portable making it perfect for applications where space is a concern – like in a taxi – and the batteries last all day.

Key Features

  • Print 58mm width thermal paper without ribbons, ink cartridges.
  • High-speed, clear printing.
  • Auto sleep, auto wake. Super power lithium electricity could standby for 5-6 days.
  • Small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple to connect, easy to use
  • Compact, small and portable, so you can carry the thing in your pocket and print receipts anywhere
  • Wide range of supported devices including Android, iOS, and Windows

  • You can not use it with a Mac; no support for any version of iOS older than 7 or earlier Android versions than 4.0


4. Citizen CT-S310II Line Thermal Printer

citizen america

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The new CITIZEN CT-S310II receipt printer is an Energy Star compliant which is a green step forward towards reducing negative impact towards the environment . You can take advantage of its benefits including lower cost with more features, lower power consumption and excellent paper savings.

Dual Interface With a USB and serial interface on board, the CT-S310II is a future-proof investment. Tool-free Maintenance Paper jam? No problem. The CT-S310II comes with the same intelligent service features as CITIZEN’s high-end printers. The easily removable auto cutter and printer head make for quick and easy maintenance. Long Life Print The new LLP functions can extend the print head life up to 200km.

Key Features

  • Saves paper function
  • Halogen free housing
  • Long life head mode (up to 200km)
  • Cutter jam release function
  • Longer cutter life delivers lower maintenance costs
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Quickbooks
  • EnergyStar compliant and comes with a paper saving mode so it’s slightly greener than other options
  • USB or serial connection

  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Can not work in mobile devices, so avoid if your POS system relies on an iPad


5. Star Micronics TSP100 TSP143iiU Receipt Printer

star tsp

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The TSP143U GRY is the first all-in-one receipt printer. Yes, all the parts and software are included in one box. To get you setup quickly, we’ve included an internal power supply, interface cable, power cable, complete mounting kits and a paper roll. To bring you the future of receipt printing now, we’re also including a full set of software utilities. Redesign your receipt without modifying your application. Add your logo. Add coupons. Preview receipts and enhance bar codes. Included operating system drivers allow for ‘Plug and Play’ automatic installation. But setup is not the only fast part. The TSP143U GRY is a fast printer with all-In-one-box miracle coupling amazing features and high reliability at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Series: TSP100 and Model: TSP143U
  • Monochrome and 125 mm/s Mono and 203 dpi
  • Direct Thermal
  • USB Connectivity available
  • Fast printing service
  • Works with most devices
  • Easy installation

  • Can’t work with Square Register stand half the time
  • No power button


 6. Star Micronics Thermal Receipt Printer

star moricons

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Star Micronics tsp650ii bti receipt printer is certified by apple mfi and approved for use with the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. With operating system support for iOS, Android and windows, the tsp650ii bti features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded today in fast-paced point of sales environments.

The tsp650ii bti’s “just works” sap profile makes the pairing process very simple to use. It allows for a quick connection without the hassle of a passkey or having to choose between iOS and Android modes. Quick and ready to use, no user interaction is needed to pair the tsp650ii bti. One attribute that grabs the user’s attention is tsp650ii bti’s Lightening fast print speed.

Capable of printing 60 receipts per minute (300 mm/sec), the tsp650ii bti offers unrivalled processing power and outstanding data throughput. Equipped with easy “drop in and print” paper loading, small footprint and reliable guillotine cutter, the tsp650ii bti is a welcomed addition to any POS system

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Desktop Receipt Printer with Apple MFi Certified
  • Just works on SSP Profile
  • High Speed: 300mm/ sec Reliable
  • Guillotine Cutter Drop-In and Print Paper Loading
  • Available with WebPRNT Browser App.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Bluetooth connectivity helps to plop it down anywhere and not be tied up with a USB cable
  • Strong battery pack means it can run all day and even connect other devices without significant drain

  • The Bluetooth connection can be finicky and some users complain that it sometimes disconnects from iPads
  • Expensive


7. EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer

EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer - USB, Ethernet/LAN, Serial Ports

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If you want a receipt printer that works with a variety of Windows-based POS applications, this one will be the best for you. Though it’s not compatible with mobile operating systems or Mac, it’s a great device if you’re using compatible systems because it even cuts the receipts for you rather than having to tear them and risking yanking out the paper roll or tearing up your receipts.

On the other hand, a few users have noted that the company offers great customer service and is willing to help you out with any queries – something that cannot be said about a lot of receipt printer manufacturers

Key Features

  • Comes with Thermal Receipt Printer, Power adapter, Power cord, USB cable ,Sample thermal paper roll, Installation CD and Guide.
  • 2 Year Full Warranty, Lifetime Tech Support,
  • For the Square-Stand-Compatible Version you have to search B01KIZ7AFE
  • Can work with a wide array of Windows POS applications
  • It automatically cuts the paper so you’re not yanking the roll out every time you try tearing it
  • Great customer support from the manufacturer

  • Can’t work with mobile operating systems, so if you’re using Android or iOS avoid this rolls
  • Doesn’t work with Macs or Linux computers either


8. Epson TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer

epson c3

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The TM-T88V is the updated addition to Epson’s industry leading TM-T88 POS printer Serialies and it is designed for use in food Serial vice and retail environments, the TM-T88V offers more speed, features and reliability than ever before.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Vista XP 2000|Mac OS X v10.4 v10.5 v10.6 (Power PC/Intel Processor)

Key Features

  • Maximum Mono Print Speed: 11.81 in/s
  • Maximum Print Width: 2.83″
  • Standard Memory: 4 KB
  • Maximum Label Width: 3.15″. (Direct Thermal Receipt Printer).
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0 Type B and RS-232.
  • Column Capacity: 80mm: 42/56 columns; 58mm model: 30/40 columns
  • Easy to use with it’s plug and play functionality with many devices
  • Works well in intense retail environments
  • Fast printing service
  • Easy to load paper rolls

  • Some difficulty in finding the right drivers


 9. Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer

epson t20

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Epson is a great receipt printer that costs quite a bit less than their other model on this list. With compatibility across devices and automatic receipt cutting, this one’s the way to go if you want a high-end thermal receipt printer for a bit less than most other devices in its class.

Given the feedback from users on this device and the relative lack of complaints, there are plenty of reasons why this device tops our list.

Key Features

  • Character Size: 0.88 × 2.13 and 1.25 × 3 mm (W x H) ; Fonts: 9 x 17 and 12 x 24 dots/character (W x H)
  • Character Set: 95 Alphanumeric, 18 set International, 128 × 43Graphic.
  • Barcode: UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN13 (EAN13),JAN8 (EAN), CODE39, ITF, CODABAR (NW-7),CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar.
  • It can automatically cut paper
  • Fast printing service
  • Works with an array of devices
  • Cheap for a printer of this quality

  • No Bluetooth connection
  • A bit heavy


10. LOSRECAL Thermal Receipt Printer of 300mm/s 


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This receipt printer has multiple interfaces like USB/ serial/LAN/cash drawer and supports Windows/Linux PC system based on ESC/POS command. It has online manual, Driver with an excellent quality. This is 100% Origin Japanese mechanism with thick & solid ABS house & complete stainless steel internal structure. The printer has the function of overheating protection and printing up to 150km. The automatic cutting life reaches 1.5 million times.
The printer is reasonable , environmentally friendly and do not need ribbon/ink cartridge, thermal paper is easy to buy, low operating cost. The high printing speed of 300 mm / s (11.8 inches/ s) with a sound reminder.

Key Features

  • Stylish Design, Classic White
  • 300mm/s High Print Speed
  • Auto Cutter
  • Sound Reminder

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I setup a receipt for my printer?

Steps to set up a receipt printer

1. Connect Your Hardware
2. Connect the black power cord from the back of the printer (circular with prongs inside) and plug the other end into the wall.
3. Make sure the Power Switch in the front of the printer is in the off position.
4. Plug in the appropriate connection type(s).
5. Put in a roll of paper.
6. Turn the printer on.

How does a receipt printer work?

Thermal receipt printer uses heat to create an image on paper. A direct thermal receipt printer does not use a ribbon to print the image on the paper- it uses special paper. The printer head activates the heat-sensitive coating on this paper to create the image

How to check printer receipt?

In Windows Vista or Windows 7, click Start, type control printers, and press Enter. In Windows XP or Windows Vista, right-click your printer, then click Properties. In Windows 7, right-click your printer, then click Printer Properties. Click Print Test Page.

Do receipt printers use ink?

Impact printers use tiny pins and an ink ribbon to produce a series of dots that form the letters on each receipt. … Ink jet printers use print heads that shoot tiny droplets of liquid ink onto the receipt to print high quality, color logos or coupons.

What is the basic difference between laser and thermal printers?

Laser printers are cut sheet printers and are not as cost effective as thermal printers when printing one or few labels at a time. … Thermal printers are highly reliable and optimally designed for label-printing, which means they are highly reliable and flexible for printing one or thousands of labels at a time


Receipt printers are essential for any successful business. When your customers leave your place of business, their receipt is proof of what they take away with them. Make sure that you’re giving your customers the best possible impression of your business with the receipts that you print for them. These best receipt printers can help you print high-quality, customizable receipts that match the needs and preferences of your business. explore our article and make your choice of best receipt printer for your business.

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